Take advantage of the Internet of things, Big Data and Analytics to improve your processes. We collect data to generate information.

Viasat Services,
innovation, design and production.

Data processing & customization

databases at European level, fed in real time thanks to the units on board vehicles… This allows us to offer a variety of solutions:

  • Supply of raw data: real-time data, historical data, routes, origin/destination matrixes…
  • Detailed data analysis: dashboards, cartography, reports, specific geofencing applications.
  • Anonymous and aggregated data.

Knowing this information will allow the creation of services to guarantee the safety of drivers. Generate new business opportunities with public and private companies, as well as take part in innovative projects in the field of road safety and prevention.

IoT, Big Data y Analytics

Our IoT devices will enable us to reach 380 million connected vehicles by 2021.
These vehicles generate information of all kinds, from diagnostic data to vehicle location data.
All the Big Data generated is processed and analysed so that our customers get the information they need.

Service Platform

We design and develop your software platform based on innovative technologies, IoT, Big Data and Advanced Analytics. We create specialised solutions for B2B and B2B2C markets that are scalable, modular and versatile.

Ours software platforms offer:

  • Infotelematic infrastructure with a multiprotocol and multidevice architecture.
  • Web-based computer system for the management and supervision of equipment, as well as the support of operational structures, analysis and data processing.
  • High performance, scalability and integration with other systems.
  • Ease of customization and profitability.

Plataforma de prevención de riesgos
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Dispositivos telemáticos

We are specialists in the manufacture and design of hardware platforms that offer support, security, protection and location services using satellite technology (GPS, Glonass, Galileo).

We analyse the specific needs of operators, define and create prototypes of the devices and then industrialise, certify, produce and distribute them.

We manufacture these systems for companies in the Viasat Group and for third parties.

We connect your

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Home Automation

Defence & Aerospace

IT and smart devices

If your business is not among these areas, we adapt to your needs.