Viasat Telematics offers your insurance company or bank the most advanced telematic solutions to improve the decision-making process and experience of your clients.

Insurance companies

Viasat’s telematic devices will allow you to collect the necessary information to know the risks incurred by your insurance company:

  • Reduce costs for fraud, claims and theft
  • Optimise your portfolio by avoiding difficult clients
  • Knows the risk that each client has
  • Make possible the implementation of new types of policies, PAYD, PPU, PAYP
  • Offer a personalised service and build customer loyalty.

Banking companies

Offer more to your bank’s customers, Viasat solutions make your customers feel safe.  They will be able to check in real time how their family, home and vehicle are doing and ask for help in case of emergency, all through the mobile application

  • It guarantees the safety of children and adults with a location system, communication and warning in case of emergency.
  • It checks in real time the location and status of your car, motorbike or bicycle.
  • You will knows the situation of your home to protect what matters most.
  • Emergency call service through the mobile phone or Viasat devices to request help.

How it works

Using the most advanced technology

Viasat Telematics has the latest technological advances to gather all the necessary information. Viasat devices are capable of collecting all kinds of information, location, status or even the driving style of each driver.

Transforming data into information.

We collect and analyse the data to provide reports on each customer’s driving and check how they are doing with what matters most.

To make the right decisions

Insurance companies will be able to use the risk index of each client to evaluate its viability and profitability, avoiding taking unnecessary risks by studying the behaviour of the client portfolio.

Banks will be able to offer services to their customers so that they can have peace of mind on a day-to-day basis and insurance in case of emergency.