We build your

Fleet management system

Monitor the location and status of each vehicle in real time via the mobile app or the web.

Viasat Telematics is a control and management system for all vehicles of your company

Take control of your fleet


Reduce costs by optimising routes, measure hidden costs of your fleet, monitor fuel and vehicle condition with preventive maintenance.


Improve productivity thanks to stay certification, real-time incident alerts, route optimisation and delivery control.


It analyses stops, routes and driving style of employees, working hours and ensures the safety of vehicles, drivers and goods.

Improve quality

Your customers will see a clear improvement in service through reduced delivery times, the ability to avoid incidents and shorter, optimised routes.

Tailor-made solutions for all types of fleets

Light commercial vehicle

Analyse the driving style of each driver, know the route taken, deliveries and stop times. Access the history or implement driver identification.

Goods transport

Download the tachograph without going back to the office, check every delivery, activate the safe route service or check the temperature or tyre pressure.


Control the situation and location of your agricultural or industrial machinery, location and control of tractors, trailers, container… Your assets are always ready.

Waste management
Specific software for companies dedicated to waste management. Customised reports with the information you really need.

Productos de gestión de flotas de Viasat Telematics

RSR, Road Safety Rules

Road Safety Rules es un Software compatible con cualquier dispositivo de gestión de flotas. Este permite hacer un análisis de los datos del tacógrafo de forma fácil y rápida. Carga los archivos DDD en nuestra solución y conocerás las infracciones y el dinero que te supondría una inspección. Herramienta te ayuda a cumplir el Reglamento europeo (CE) no 561/2006.

Fleet Lite

El gestor de flotas más sencillo. Solución recomendada para flotas de vehículos comerciales ligeros. Conoce todas las funciones de este producto.

Fleet Basic

El gestor de flotas para PYMES.Solución recomendada para flotas de vehículos comerciales ligeros. Conoce todas las funciones de este producto.

Fleet Pro

El gestor de flotas más completo del mercado. Solución recomendada para flotas dedicadas al transporte de mercancías, maquinaría industrial o agrícola y flotas del sector de la gestión de residuos.